About The Duchess In NY

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Flatbush to be exact.  I left BK in 2003 to be a big girl and experience life’s greastest thrills: living on own, going to war and attending college…a black one.  I still can’t decide which experience was the scariest to me and suprisingly enough war wouldn’t be the first choice.

After graduating from the college with the most beautiful campus and people and baddest band in the land, Florida A&M University, and going to war twice and living in Europe wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, I decided to return back to my roots of Brooklyn.  Much to my dismay, shock and joy all rolled into one, a lot has changed.  Now that I am 21 and older and have my own wheels, I can venture from my doorstep of Church Avenue and explore the borough big enough to be it’s own city.  Now I travel to Williamsburg, BedStuy (the bougie parts), Prospect Heights, Park Slope, DUMBO, Marine Park, Borough Park, Gravesend…did y’all know about these neighborhoods? ME NEITHER!!!!!

Well I know not only in Brooklyn great things happen, so I attend events in Manhattan, aka “The City,” as well.  And whereever I go, my NIKON D3100 goes with me too.  So enjoy NYC Summer 2011 and beyond with me as we explore and enjoy together.  You may even get a pic! 🙂 See you around.

Another day in Brooklyn…

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