Tonya Boyd Cannon Is Living Life Like It’s Golden

A wardrobe as colorful as her personality, she has a voice that will demand your attention, as it did Adam Levine’s. Coming from the stage competing on The Voice at the beginning of the year, Mississippi-born, New Orleans bred Tonya Boyd-Cannon (@tonyaboydcannon) has been having to used to seeing her own name on the artist lineup on festivals in less than six months. May was Jazz Fest, June was Chicago Blues Fest and this month is Essence Festival, the former sheriff’s deputy has been on the go.
Black N Bklyn: 2015 has been a life changing year for you. How does this all recent success make you feel?
Tonya Boyd Cannon: The feeling is surreal, amazing and exciting, wrapped up into one!
BNB: What was your favorite song to perform on The Voice and why?
TBC: My favorite song on The Voice was “Take Me to the Pilot”  by SIR ELTON JOHN! What…..I get to sing his song!!!! This song was fun, inspiring and challenging. One of the challenges came with me finding my place in the song. I had to research the lyrics and put myself in the mind of the writer and composer. The rhythm was of something that I’d never knew, however with every piano chord played, I seem to find peace and healing. My challenge of singing “in-the-pocket” which is a technique normally used by percussionists, proved that although I have a lisp; I can sing various styles of lyrics, phrases and songs. In the end, this song was a success of learning more about who I am as an artists, singer and performer.
BNB: I’ve seen you perform at various venues on Frenchmen Street since I moved here in 2013. You have been working hard in the city to build a name for yourself. How has it been coming back to NOLA after The Voice and performing at home with your new fame?
TBC: The love and support has been amazing. From being stopped on the street and in stores;  to being screamed at from bus stops; I love it all! It’s humbling and a true blessing to be known as ‘New Orleans’ own!
BNB: Last year for Essence Fest, I saw you perform outside the Convention Center on a small stage (in front of Manning’s on Fulton) now this year you made it inside the building and gracing the Superlounge. What was your reaction when you got the news you would be officially performing at Essence Fest?
TBC: When I received the news about performing for the 2015 Essence Fest; I ran outside in 30 degree weather, with no coat or scarf! I will never forget it because I had just gotten a fresh bald and beautiful cut! And I did all of this while screaming in my husband’s ear!
tonya pic
BNB: Who are you looking forward to see at Essence Festival this year and why?
TBC: I am looking forward to seeing everyone! I mean, to be on the same bill as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Uncle Charlie, Mary J. Blige, India Arie, Missy Elliot…. and the list goes on! I am blessed!!!!
BNB: What does #bringthelove mean to you?
TBC: #BringtheLove means to bring positive vibes, spirits, love and light; as you receive positive vibes, spirits, love and light from the music, food, seminars, friends, family and more.
Tonya performs on Saturday, July 4 on the Walmart for the Love of R&B Superlounge stage in the Superdome at 7:55PM. Tickets are still available here.

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