My first HBCU Spring Connect in NOLA!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a ride-or-die Rattler! I love my Florida A&M University and I love all my fellow Historically Black College & Universities alum. Any city that I’m in I live for networking with all yuppies, but I have a place in my heart for those that attended an HBCU like myself. In New Orleans there aren’t any events like that. So after two years of living here I decided to create one. I’m a curator now chile.


On Wednesday, April 29, I hosted my first event!!! HBCU Spring Connect was designed for all HBCU alum, but especially for those who attended schools outside of the state of Louisiana and have relocated in New Orleans and may not have a local alumni chapter for their school to reach out to or not sure who else in New Orleans is alumni of their school. I thought when I first moved here any HBCU alum I met went to a local or state HBCU so my idea was frivolous.

Then I met Rattlers.


And Bisons.


And Aggies.


And Pirates.


And Golden Tigers.


And even Bulldogs!


I got mad love for my Xavier, Dillard, Southern and Grambling folks, I really do. However, I realized there was a need for this type of outlet. As college alumni we love to rep our alma mater. It’s where we matriculated. It’s also where we percolated. So as young Black professionals, being able to come together and relive common memories with people you may not have met while on campus but here in New Orleans and develop a new relationship with is a dream for me.

Also, I hope with these connections, (soapbox alert!) respective schools can build their local alumni chapter with more members or like my FAMU peoples, charter our first chapter in NOLA. It’s more than happy hour mixers. It’s about scholarship funds for high school kids applying to our schools. It’s about donating to our schools to keep their doors open to future generations. I know the financial aid office acted funny every net check season and you still feeling salty about Fall ’07 when you got a ticket on your car and they didn’t give you your diploma until you paid that $25. But we older now and blessed and highly favored because we are employed because of the degrees we received at these schools so let’s leave the past in the past and support our HBCU’s, ok?

IMG_5594 IMG_5855 IMG_5860 IMG_5854 IMG_5857 IMG_5590 IMG_5578 IMG_5576 IMG_5560 IMG_5566 IMG_5565 IMG_5570

Shoutout to Victory for being a great host! The co-owner Camille Whitworth is HBCU alum too! Go Pirates!!


I was overwhelmed by the turnout. (Thanks Instagram!) There were so many new people I met that day it proved that this concept was not in vain. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be putting it altogether, but it was all worth it and I think I have a good thing going. Happy dance!

IMG_5561 IMG_5582

#HBCUSpringConnect @blacknbklyn


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