Living in the moment

Forgive me y’all. Sheila E. (that’s my MacBook Pro) is gravely ill and I don’t know how much longer she has left, so she has been giving me some problems lately. Might have to put her in a hospice soon. I apologize for catching up with you two whole months into the new year. I’ll do better. I pinky swear. I know the last post was about the reelection of President Obama, so it is still fitting that my first post of the year is reliving my experience of attending the inauguration last month. Although I didn’t get that golden ticket to have a seat near the Capitol, nor was I able to use my military connections to get me inside the Commanders-in-Chief Ball, BUT I was able to attend the SECOND swearing-in ceremony of the 44th President.

The first inauguration in 2009, I watched from my couch in warm, sunny Tallahassee, Florida. This year I was taking a military journalism course in nearby Maryland at the Defense Information School on Fort Meade, so I decided to take advantage of being so close to my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I know you watched it online or on your TV or some of you shared the moment with me on that chilly, overcast January afternoon on the National Mall. But despite the weather predictions, no rain cloud or gloomy politician or naysayer was able to spoil this momentous occasion. I was happy to have experienced it. They even had the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir perform! You know I had to shed a tear for that. Brooklyn, we made it!!

Then as a bonus, I drove to Baltimore on Superbowl Sunday to witness the Ravens win the Lombardi trophy. I don’t know what I was thinking being up there knowing it was going to get crazy, but I loved every minute of it. Even if you aren’t a sports buff, you can’t help but feel the pride and excitement and anxiety shared by fans cheering on their home team for the biggest game of their sport. I even wore purple and did my Ray Lewis dance to mix in with the crowd.

I just returned from military school a few weeks ago and returning to somewhat normalcy before my life is turned upside down again with another big change in my life…stay tuned. But I just wanted to share my best moments of 2013 thus far. Take advantage of living in the moment!

Another day in Brooklyn…D.C./Bmore

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