After Sandy, Comes Mayhem in Brooklyn

This has been one heck of a week! Hurricane Sandy hit late Monday night, but we New Yorkers and residents next door in New Jersey have been left with devastation in the streets and in the homes and frustration with how and where and when to start rebuilding and get back to work!! It was fun Monday and Tuesday to stay home from work, but by Wednesday it started to cause cabin fever for a lot of my friends, not so much myself though. I’m used to working from home so this was another week for me. But when I finally emerged from my home yesterday, I was in for a long day of surprises.

First it took me 90 minutes from Flatbush to take my mother to work in Columbus Circle. The traffic getting on the Brooklyn Bridge was something out of Independence Day. What normally took ten minutes, became an hour commute. It was so strange driving through lower Manhattan with no traffic lights. Thank goodness most drivers had decency and treated the intersection like a four-way stop sign. I took the West Side Highway and that wasn’t so congested compared to the FDR.

Hurricane Sandy: death toll rises as storm hits land. Deaths reported in New York as the historic storm hits land in southern New Jersey

(Photo: Reuters)

So crazy to see the city in darkness. After that, I went for a jog around Prospect Park and was amazed by the power of Mother Nature.

Later in the day, I decided to leave my house to meet up with my friend at the nail salon (gotta do something to pacify the stress from this week) and a lady told us about gas stations closing. Me and my friend looked at each other with the Scooby Doo face and jumped into our cars. I went to my neighborhood looking for gas only to find signs and police tape surrounding the stations…

Then I got a tip from my friend to go to the BP station on Utica Ave. She warned me of long lines, but I didn’t expect it to look like a zoo. There were many arguments and I heard one person talking about pulling out a gun. It definitely got scary.

This was the most valuable receipt I ever recieved!!

Who woulda thought living in the hood would save your life?


I am so thankful that this is the worst I have had to experience thus far during this storm. I have been in contact with some of my Soldiers and they are out of power and water in Staten Island (which has experienced 19 deaths so far) and New Jersey, which was hit pretty hard. So my thoughts and prayers definitely go out to those who are in worse shape than me.

I know we still have to worry about buses and trains being restored to full service and it will be some days before NY and NJ can return to some normalcy, but this storm was definitely a time for us to reflect to cherish the people and blessings we have in our lives, because Sandy didn’t only hit the tri-state area…

(Photo: AP, Haiti)


Another day in Brooklyn…

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