It’s Complicated LIVE!

I don’t follow a lot of relationship experts because my heads start spinning after two posts on their column listing five ways to tell he’s not into you or ten minutes into reading their book telling me why I’m sitting at home by myself eating Haagen Dazs vanilla bean icecream and not on a date with a man. To be honest, I’m tired of people telling what I’m doing wrong to others. Which is why I was hesitant to get into Paul Carrick Brunson. Not another brother telling me about myself, I thought.

I read his columns on Essence’s website and I knew people who worked for his matchmaking business On Degree From Me and liked what he was about. And his parents are Jamaican like mine so you know I was down to support mi brethren dem. But it wasn’t until I interviewed him then I became down for his cause. Brunson, who in his past professional life worked in the business sector, brought all the marketing expertise into this field of love connecting and broke it down to a science. I was in awe after hearing how knowledgeable he in topics from politics, to music to literature which made me feel like this brother was legit. The interview was over the phone so I was ecstatic when I heard he was coming to Brooklyn for his book tour at The Green Building.

The sold-out event itself was quick to allow the author time to interact with his fans, but not without great guest appearances. His co-host from the Oprah Winfrey Network show, Lovetown USA, Kailen Rosenberg stopped by. Singers Rob Murat and the lovely Estelle gave some dope performances and the boss chick herself Tionna Smalls stopped by to give her comical spin on relationships and gave the ladies some tough love advice. “If you buy an $8,500 bed set, don’t let a $100 man in your bed,” she advised after talking about cheap men taking advantage of women in their relationships financially. She had the whole room crying in tears you would’ve thought we were at a Brooklyn edition of Queens of Comedy. Another relationship expert, Chris Kazi Rolle of the Together Apart series talked to the women and men in the audience about getting over fear of rejection. “Date heavily and getting over hearing the word no,” he said. Then to end it off he recalled the day he met his fiance after putting his pride aside and introducing himself.

The night was a real beautiful atmosphere. Brunson himself just briefly went over what each chapter was about and talked about his son, whom he dedicated this book to. I’m glad there wasn’t a Q&A panel or anything because if you have any questions, it’s all in the book. It was really all about celebrating the success of the man of the hour. The book by the way is titled, It’s Complicated: But It Doesn’t Have To Be. I’m a chapter down and I’m really into it. Let’s see where this will take me as I reflect on my love life and think about future decisions…

Another day in Brooklyn…

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