Kid Fury Comes to Brooklyn to Serve Drake Eyebrows to the Kids!!!!!!

Okay, he wasn’t serving Drake eyebrows. It was even better than that!! My BFF in my head, Kid Fury, blessed us with his presence in Brooklyn this week at Cold Stone Creamery (my off-limits happy place). He was as jovial as you would expect him to be, as he surprised his fans serving his very own icecream creations behind the counter in full uniform ensemble. From the self-titled “Kid Fury” to the “Don’t Come For Me” (my choice of the evening remixed with caramel and sprinkles. He called me creative. Thanks dear!) to “T.RASH,” flavor concoctions featuring amaretto and cake batter icecream, fudge, yellow cake, brownies and Oreo galore, there was a diabetes-in-a-cup flavor for every sweet tooth appetite.

The turnout wasn’t as big as his last Brooklyn event at Paper Doll Boutique, (most likely because the Cold Stone location was in the far, far away Sheepshead neighborhood of Brooklyn), but that was a good thing because that gave him more opportunities to interact with his admirers and focus on his day job as a Cold Stone employee. He was such a good sport and quickly got the hang of the complex gourmet icecream assembly line. He even provided back-up beats for the staff when they sang their tip songs! Too cute…for you.


Kid Fury, the YouTube sensation with over 6.7 million video views and over 46,00 subscribers, stole my heart when I watched him in the “S**t Black Gays Say” videos late last year has found himself a home on my bookmark page, entertaining me week to week on the latest “Lies, Fairytales and Fallacies” going on in the gossip world as well as updates on the life and legacy of his fairy godmother, Beysus, known to most as Beyonce. He’s based in Miami, so when he comes up for a visit to NYC I have to make time for my queen. It was a drive to get there, but nothing could keep me away from an evening of Kid Fury and my diet-breaking Cold Stone Creamery. He took pictures, cracked jokes, made icecream, kissed people’s babies…it was like meeting the President without the Secret Service.

Needless to say, everyone had fun getting served by the server of unforgettable one-liners. My fave new one of the evening:

Fury: Are you allergic to nuts?

Customer: No

Fury: Great, so we all a part of the same ministry.

I. Can’t. With. This. Boy. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a beautiful Twitter friendship.

Another Day in Brooklyn…


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