Dekalb Live Presents: Tank and the Bangas

I have attended the monthly music showcase “Dekalb Live” since it’s inception last year and I must say, it’s always a treat. Produced by A Love 4 Music, a full service talent development agency for signed and unsigned artists alike, it gives underground performers a chance to be seen and heard and spread the word of.  I got the chance to talk to a group that performed at the June showcase, Tank and the Bangas and ask Tank about her group’s 23 hour van ride from New Orleans to Brooklyn and her inspiration for catching the Holy Ghost on stage.

BacknBrooklyn: You and the Bangas drove all the way from New Orleans to Brooklyn for the show. What did you guys do during the duration of that long drive to keep from killing each other?

Tank: Why didn’t we kill eachother? Everybody bought their own IPod! No, seriously one thing me and my band members pride ourselves on is the respect and etiquette we have for eachother on the road. I don’t want to jinx anything, but we have never had an argument on the road! We have a bond and an understanding that we are collectively doing something we all love, with that knowledge there is no room for confusion.

You gave a high energy performance at Dekalb Live. What’s your motivation for you to get crunk on stage? What’s your musical inspiration?

Thank you! I always wanted to be the type of a performer that I like to watch. Bands like FUN, and artist like Janelle Monae always leave me wondering, ‘where do they keep all that energy?’ I want to be engaged with artist and I want to feel as though I went on the voyage with them. When I do my shows, I like to take people on a journey with my poetry and a destination with my music. Even when I’m nervous and anxious before a show,  I always feel exactly where I’m supposed to be once I get on stage. As far as what gets me pumped? Right after I pray to calm myself, I put on T.I.’s Pyro to get amped!

How did you hear about Dekalb Live? Why was it important for you to come to NYC and give the crowd some of the New Orleans soul?

My manager was actually looking for places in NY that could attract people with a flair, an ear for good music, and an appreciation for variety. Dekalb live could not have been more perfect. The people that it drew, the other artist that performed, the links and bonds that we made that night will forever connect us to the city that we now call our second home. I think it was important for us to share ourselves with NY because of the presence we bring. We love the music we make and we believe that people will believe in it once they hear it. It feels good to do what you love, and that feeling is contagious.

What was your favorite part of your Brooklyn trip?

My favorite part of Brooklyn was hands down meeting Josiah [Wise] and his friends at Dekalb Live! Josiah’s performance that night was inventive and inspiring. His friends reminded me of my own back home. I left 2 Steps Down that night feeling full and encouraged. I can’t wait to get back!

The next installment of the “Dekalb Live” series, hosted by AL4M’s Elliott Monroe and Donnie Garner goes down Thursday, July 26 at 2 Steps Down in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. Doors open at 7, show starts at 8. See you there!!


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