Jesse Boykins III LIVE in NYC w/ Progressive Movement

I’m a non Top 40 girl.  I listen to what’s on the radio as I drive to and fro Brooklyn to various events around the city, but that only means I forgot my iPod at home.  I get so tired of hearing the same songs on rotation.  I am open-minded and appreciate music of all genres and there are many underground independent artists that have great talent.  Jesse Boykins III is one of those artists.

Hailing from Miami, the dark chocolate brother with the oversized glasses and untamed hair has a voice that’s as out of this world as his wardrobe.  I first recognized JB3 back in 2006 on MySpace (when it was still a big deal) and I followed him over the years.  I can’t believe so many years have passed and he still isn’t big on the R&B charts.  But just because you may not know him doesn’t mean he’s been quiet all these years.  He’s been touring all over the world in countries like Japan, Amsterdam and Switzerland…to name a few.  I appreciated he took the time to pay us foreigners a visit back in the U.S. and play some of his fan faves at Millesime, located inside the Carlton Hotel in Midtown, Manhattan.

The neo-soul artist is just one of the many to be featured in the promotions group Progressive Movement’s “Soul Excursions” series.  The group, who only started the show series a few months ago, held its 4th installment with Jesse and hosted by the afrolicious, upcoming rapper/singer She-Salt on April 15.  One of the founders of Progressive Movement, Fred Gaymon, came up with the idea for the series when he and his co-founders Chaka Wilson and Rich Johnson wanted to put on a show for like-minded fans of the retro era .  “We’re trying to attract a soulful crowd,” Fred says.  “It’s all about the essence of soul music.  That’s what Soul Excursions is about.”

Well boogie your way down to the photo gallery to see pics from the event and look out for the next one in the coming weeks.

Another day in Brooklyn…

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