Dear Summer, It was fun…

After the Beyonce concert, I was hyped about the lineup of upcoming concerts and events closing out the summer season.  But an unwelcomed visitor had other plans.

Hurricane Irene cancelled some of the cities biggest events like:

Power 105 concert, that headlined artists like Estelle, Big Sean, J Cole and others…..

Afro Punk Festival that had artists like Toro Y Moi, Gym Class Heroes, Ceelo Green, Janelle Monae and others…

then my beloved “Brooklyn Loves MJ” day celebration hosted by Spike Lee in Prospect Park…

That Category 1 Tropical Storm washed out all the end of summer plans. Bummer.

So I had to go IN for this past Labor Day weekend celebration.  I warmed up at a weekly party at Canal Room on Friday.  Nothing much to talk about there.  On Saturday, I HAD to support my bro DJ Square Biz (he’s a Rattler, gotta show love!) and the rest of the E.Z. Mo Breezy clan as they pulled out the flat tops, Adidas shell tops, FILA sweatsuits, hella spandex and cotton candy (literally!) for their Saturday Morning Cartoons party held at the Bowery Ballroom.

Photos Credit:

I am a big fan of old school music, (fashion, not so much) so amongst all that reggae and calypso madness over the weekend I needed some New Edition and Run DMC thrown in the mix.  However, with a couple nagging FB messages and tweets I was able to get the DJ to thrown in some 90’s reggae into the set. Everyone in the 90’s knew who Shabba Ranks was!!

For more pics on what you missed, go here:

On Sunday, I attended my first Jewish wedding.  I always wanted to dance around in a circle, eat unleavened bread and say the word “Maseltov!” and it actually fits in the environment I’m in.  Well I can cross each of those tasks off my bucket list now.  The bride is my buddy from sleep awy camp and she married a Marine.  How can I not like the fellow?

On Monday, I made it to the Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway.  It was absolute madness.  Too crowded, too many cops limiting movement and lots of bright costumes…in a nutshell.  Take a look at the photos below.



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