Concert: NKOTBSB @ Nassau Coliseum (Don’t judge.)

While I’m still nursing a major headache stemmed from a plethora of events that took place this weekend, let me share with you want happened.  I can’t pinpoint whether it’s from the unlimited mimosas I drank at Cornerstone for Sunday brunch, zumba class and too much Doo Doo Brown dancing from The Sweat Party at Tribeca Cinemas Saturday that I spoke about in the other post, or the disaster/fun from the NKOTBSB concert at Nassau Coliseum Sunday night.  So let me tell you about the concert I almost never got to see!

I’m an 80s baby (birthday is 8/2 actually…) and I was introduced to pop music during the years of New Kids on the Block, NKOTB as the fans affectionately call them.  I became obsessed with the Backstreet Boys during the summers of MTV’s TRL N’Sync vs. BSB boy band beef of the late 90’s, mediated by Carson Daly.  So when this concert was announced, I had to go.  Call it the “Watch The Throne” of boy bands, if you will.  Tickets booked ASAP.

I ordered my tickets through and I have conducted business with them before so I had no worries.  Right.  When I printed the tickets however, the date read June 12, 2011.  That rose concern because the show I was seeing was for a rescheduled date from June 11, 2011. Oh boy. So I wasn’t shocked when the scanners wouldn’t scan my tickets.  I proceeded to the box office where they explained to me, the $400 tickets I purchased were no good because they were a.) for a different venue and b.) for a different date in which the concert did take place.  In my Whitley voice, I kept telling myself, “Relax, Relate, Release” to prevent myself from wigging out on everyone in the stadium.  Instead I called my bank and filed a claim to get my money back.  While the banker was handling the situation, to make conversation and asked who was at the concert and when I told him, he asked if the show was for my kids. -_-

Since that issue was resolved for the most part, I went ahead and bought brand new tickets.  I refused to leave the stadium without seeing the show.  It was my birthday weekend after all.  So for a reduced price of $36 per ticket, my friend and I purchased two tickets in section Rear Stage Nosebleed from the mean, wrinkly lady at the ticket booth.  At that point I didn’t care.  I was going to be “Hangin’ Tough” with NKOTB!

That show had more pyrotechnics than an Evil Knievel show.  I liked how they went back and forth with performances of both groups rather than an hour set of each.  It kept the show fresh because you didn’t know which hit from which era was going to come on next, keeping both age groups in the audience entertained throughout the night.  The Backstreet Boys (sans Kevin Richardson) had everyone singing along to all their crooner hits such “Incomplete,” “I Want It That Way,” and serenaded four lucky ladies on stage with “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.”  I even jammed with the BSB when the two most highly energetic and “bad boy” members AJ McLean and Nick Carter dominated the song “Everybody,” and literally everybody in the crowd.  The Boys were good, but the Kids were GOOD!

Given that the age difference between some of the members of NKOTB and BSB are about ten years apart (which is almost a whole generation in teeny-bop music) I think the grandfather group of boy bands proved they still had “The Right Stuff.” (I’m sorry, I can’t help it with these song title references!)  It was so cute seeing the mothers singing along to the songs they grew up to and reminiscing to their Levi jeans wearing days of the late 80’s, while their daughters sang along to the hits of the Y2K with BSB.  I had been playing the NKOTB station on Pandora all week, so I was refreshed on all the lyrics of their songs.  So when my personal fave came on, I danced with the boys…”Step By Step.”  (I had to do it one last time!)  They sang, danced and worked well together.  And looked good too!

Two hours into the show my headache worsened and the bloodcurdling screams from fans were starting to deafen me.  (You know those “teen heartthrob” screams? Those.)  I was ready to go before the show ended to avoid the parking lot wars.  As I walked to the exit, I looked over the railing as The New Kids apologized for having to reschedule the orginal show date for NY in June so they could perform in their hometown of Boston.  Amidst the boo-ing, NKOTB apologized and said they wanted to make up for the mishap.  So they brought back with them from Boston another familiar boy group. Que????


I was in 90’s heaven right now.  After jamming to “Poison” at The Sweat Party last night to fast forward 24 hours later to see them perform it live? *busts out a running man*

Now I can go home.

Another day in Brooklyn…Uniondale, NY.

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