Jill Scott!!!!

I officially began my birthday celebration weekend by attending Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party concert at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on July 28.

Personally, dare I say it, I love Jill more than I love Bey.  Jill’s flow, lyrics, delivery, and melodies sing to me unlike any other artist I have listened to.  I can relate to her feelings and most importantly, the girl can SAAAANG!  I saw her for the first time in 2008 in Brooklyn for a free concert at Wingate Field.  She didn’t disappoint then and she doesn’t disappoint me now!  Neither did the other talents that graced the stage last night.

I unfortunately arrived at the stadium right as Mint Condition was ending their set, but in my mind, I imagined them performing “Pretty Brown Eyes” to me, as I rushed to my seat to catch the rest of the show.  I always saw Mint Condition to be an underrated group of the ’90s, so it’s good to see them still working together making albums and entertaining their loyal fans.  Okay, now the parts of the concert I did get to see…

Mr. Anthony Hamilton and all 5’6 of him (approx.) took us to CHUUUUUUCH from the first song!!!! Singing his hits “Coming Where I Come From,” “Can’t Let Go,” and “The Point of It All,” and of course… “Charlene,” AH kept the crowd swaying.  Anthony looked like a beam of light in his all white ensemble.  He got the crowd into his performance, then he literally got into the crowd by coming off stage and walking through audience while performing “Praying For You/Superman.”  For a minute I thought I was at a church revival.  Then again what would you expect from the soul singer who proudly represents North Carolina, with Southern-inspired song titles like “Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens” and “Sista Big Bones?”   Anthony could’ve went on for hours with all that energy he had, but there was an oversized digital timer on the left side of the stage counting down his 60-minute performance.  This show was definitely not running on “CP time.”  Everything was on time and ran fluidly on a tight schedule.  Loved it.

Before bringing out the lady of the hour, old school legends Doug E. Fresh and Jazzy Jeff hit the stage to take the audience back to the ’80s, and Doug E. showed us his “dougie.”  At the T-shirt stands outside the arena, mixtapes of DJ Jazzy Jeff were complimentary with a purchase of his branded T-shirts.  Good to see after all these years these two men are still out and about.  I just hope after getting his check from this tour, Doug E. gets his financial woes handled to make up for a rough year in 2010.  He also has a new restaurant in Harlem, so hopefully that is making good business.  I just wished the Fresh Prince could’ve jumped on stage and performed “Summertime” for one-time sake to make this show unforgettable.  I guess Will is way too Hollywood now to return to his rapper’s delight era. Le sigh.


I enjoyed all the performances, but I couldn’t wait for Jilly from Philly to bless the mic, and that she did.  She laid the holy anointing on the stage for 90-minutes.  She sang a medley of tunes from all her albums, including her most recent, “The Light of the Sun.”  Her form-fitting electric blue sequin dress boasted of her curves and shimmered into the clear, dark sky as the stage lights bounced off the detailed fabric in the outdoor stadium.  She shared her soul with the thousands in attendance and I felt her happiness as she sang “Golden,” her pain over her unexpected bitter breakup with her fiancé in “Quick” (put him all on BLAST), took us for a harmonious stroll with “A Long Walk,” sang duets with fellow show performers Doug E. Fresh and Anthony Hamilton and despite a successful music career, she proclaimed her joy of being a mother as she closed the show with “Blessed.”

Jill Scott has showed me in all the years of her music, even with heartbreak, you can still find the joys in life and let happiness overwhelm your heart, not pain.  That’s why I am always living my life like it’s golden, even if lead, copper and other cheap metals are being thrown at me along the way.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift to me.  I am happy to have experienced Jill once again, and glad my MyTouch 4G camera was able to take decent photos because I couldn’t get into Nikon Theater with my Nikon camera.  Go figure.

Moving forward, I secretly, yet publicly, can’t wait for this concert to take place at Nassau Colliseum on Sunday. (Don’t judge me.)

Another day in Brooklyn…Wantagh, NY.



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