Grits & Shrimp for brunch, Grits & Biscuits for late-night snack

I had my good friend (whom I met at basic training in the Army, circa 2003) visit from Baltimore this past weekend and I felt as though I had to pull out all the shots to show her a good time.  I purposely told her to come this past weekend because…it was Grits & Biscuits weekend.

I had been anticipating this party since the last G&B party on May 7.  I  especially knew with this being the anniversary of DJ Square Biz (who is a proud Rattler of our alma mater Florida A&M University) bringing his Texan ratchetness to NYC with these college reminiscent parties, it was gonna be a zoo.  I couldn’t have been more right.

So to prepare for the madness of the night, I ate grits.  No, really.  I attended Mr. Stylish himself, Rae Holliday’s birthday brunch at the cute Cornerstone Restaurant in Fort Greene.  Their brunch was amazing.  I don’t even bang with grits like that (I’m Jamaican, we eat Cream of Wheat) but I cleaned my plate.  Of course, time with Rae and friends is always guaranteed with laughs and unlimited mimosas.  Brunches are on my weekly to-do list from now on for the rest of the summer.  It’s too darn hot to be cooking all them eggs and bacon in the house!


I had to go home and dress DOWN for this party. I went from wedges to Keds and a romper to wife beater and shorts.  I learned my lesson from the last party.  We didn’t even pre-game too long because we got intel from the site location that the line started to form THREE HOURS before the door opened!!  I had my ticket but I was still scared.  By the time we got to the Music Hall of Williamsburg at 9:30, the line was wrapping around the block.  Seriously?  But they were sooooo serious.  I didn’t even get in until after 11 and I can’t lie, my spirits were already broken and other events of the night (in which I will not go into detail, so stop being nosy!) soured my mood.  But when I heard Biz spinning tracks from when Luda had them big cornrows and UGK and Florida’s version of Marvin and Tami…Trick Daddy and Trina, I found myself on stage booty popping with other Rattlers and party goers.  I may be a Jamaican gyal from Brooklyn, but what can I say, I went to a black college in Florida.

Changed. My. Life.

And my friend from Bmore got a good thigh workout and a much deserved break from home. 🙂

Note: I couldn’t even bring my camera to this event of the precaution it not making it back home in one piece.  Besides, I’m still jobhunting…#noevidence Check out the pics here on Facebook.

Another day in Brooklyn…

One thought on “Grits & Shrimp for brunch, Grits & Biscuits for late-night snack

  1. Definitely had a good time! The guys were especially hott, especially this 1!!! The sourthern music was a little different then i’m use too, but I definitely did my thing on the dance floor! I did a little booty popping (as Chantel would say) and swagging; and the girls taught me how to “cat daddy”; by the end of the night, I was all danced out!!! I had a ball, h*ll yes, I’ll be back!!!

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