It’s #RaeDay!!!! Rae Holliday of SFPL Birthday Bash

Who Runs The World? Well on July 22, the answer was Rae Holliday. “The Stylish” half of the dynamic duo that makes up the popular blog site, Stuff Fly People Like, celebrated life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with friends and fans alike at Polar Lounge NYC in lower Manhatan on Thursday.

The Stylist. – Gabe     The Stylish. – Rae

Attendees were encouraged to tweet about the event with the hashtag #RaeDay and people flooded timelines all over NYC about the festivities of the night. Despite the lounge’s cool name, the venue’s ice caps seemed to have melted due to the city’s heatwave before our arrival and it was more like the “Sahara Lounge” rather than the “Polar Lounge.” Nevertheless, that didn’t get in the way anyone’s desire to party the evening away, or take advantage of the open bar during the party’s first hour. I stayed bougie and drank cucumber water the whole night so that I could soberly enjoy watching everyone’s antics.  There was even a water gun fight going on.  So much for security.

The host did a good job of hugging, drinking and dancing with all 350+ invited guests that packed the intimate spot on the lower level of Gramercy Hotel.   And when I say we danced…WE DANCED.  For a moment I thought I was at Alvin Ailey studios practicing for an upcoming show.  We formed a dance circle when DJ Boof  started to play soul house music and everyone got their spotlight in the circle, even the girl who did the worm in her cream dress…and the cream-colored people who popped their booty better than some of the sisters in there.  I ain’t even mad.

But the night wouldn’t have been complete unless Rae got in the circle.  When “Who Runs the World” came on, Rae performed the ENTIRE choreography.  Epic moment.

Another day in Brooklyn.  Lower Manhattan. 

Christina Brown of

Singer Lance Drummonds and his manager

Me and Rae making our love faces…

“That Fly Boy from Cleveland” Adrian (Dat boy can dance!!! Don’t let the model face fool you.)

DJ Boof from the Wendy Williams Show

Actress Brianna Seagraves

Mika of CultureFlyy and Dave of Brooklyn Riot

Reggie of Entree Clothing

Gideon Dunn, wardrobe stylist

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