Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

On July 16, I went to check out the Tribe Called Quest documentary, Beats, Rhymes & Life- The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest at BAM theatre in Brooklyn.  I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack, the graphics were bright and funky with a 90’s feel and I believe that the director, Michael Rappaport depicted all members of the group in their truest form, good or bad.  So all that beef with Q-tip and Michael was quite unfortunate, however when there’s a camera on you for 24 hours a day over a long period of time and soundbites aren’t cut the way you want them to be, I can understand tension will flare when the finished product is released.  Nevertheless, as an 80’s baby I grew up to this era of rap and miss it dearly.  The lyrics were positive, motivating, fulfilling and the beats were still dope!  What happened the The Native Tongues of today?

To continue my ode to hip hop, I ventured to DUMBO to check out the Brooklyn Bodega’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.  Facebook set me up for the okie-doke because the time for the concert read 9pm-1am on the FB event page.  So when we got there at 6:30 trying to be all early and whatnot, to our surprise…it was already sold-out and we ended with front row standing room behind the stage.  I shoulda brought my zoom lens that day. Tisk. But trust me, that little black figure to the far left of the stage in the pics are indeed Kanyeezy.  The highlight however was when Brooklyn’s own Bussa Buss was leaving the venue to get on the tour bus and saw these two cute babies and showed them some love.  I know the mothers are going to wait a while before washing their babies cheeks.  Gotta love the babies!!

Just another day in Brooklyn…

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